CRWigan Community

Recovery isn’t something we do alone………

Were we designed to be loners? No, but that’s how it often feels when we face tough times.

When life issues strike, we can be left feeling that nobody else understands, nobody can help, and we feel alone and isolated. The associated guilt and fear often causes us to withdraw, and we can find it difficult to fit in or cope. Long term this can lead to negative coping mechanisms and other health problems developing.

At Celebrate Recovery we know how it feels to be isolated, alone and gripped by fear and regret. We also know that we can feel stronger and more capable of dealing with life when we have the support of others. As a community, we come together to provided the much needed support, and to help each other on this journey we call life.

Through regular contact, organised activities and social events, which go hand in hand with our meetings, we provide a community that supports the needs of each individual.

Our social activities and events provide great opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills, try new activities, and for each individual to push their own boundaries. Best of all we have lots of fun and laughter within a safe environment.

It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 40 there’s always something to join in with and to help turn that frown upside-down.