Hurts Habits & Hang-ups

You’ll often hear us talk about Hurts, Habits & Hang-ups, but what are they?

HURTS: These are generally a negative reaction to another persons behaviour, or a disturbing or emotionally upsetting situation eg abuse, co-dependancy, divorce, bereavement etc.

HABITS: Normally an unhealthy behaviour or coping mechanism, or an addiction to someone or something eg. People pleasing, Fixing, Gambling, Over working etc

HANG-UPS: A negative mental attitude used to cope with people or adversity. eg: Anger, Depression, Fear etc

Often Hurts result in Hang-ups and these lead to Habits being developed in order to cope.

So how can Celebrate Recovery Wigan help?

The fact is life issues don’t just affect the individual. The impact of them often reaches far beyond one person, and in the majority of cases family and friends are equally affected. The truth is that everyone can benefit by proactively working together through the Celebrate Recovery programme.

Although we are ‘one recovery community’, we run several age specific groups to cater for the slightly different approaches required for children, teenagers and adults.

For more information have a look at the different recovery groups we provide within the CRWigan Community. Celebration Place The Landing Celebrate Recovery