CRWigan locations

Because everyone has different pressures, priorities, restrictions and commitments , our long-term goal is to make meetings widely available. We are working towards holding recovery meetings in 7 different locations across Wigan, with each venue meeting on a different day of the week.

This ensures that the majority of individuals and families can access a meeting locally, or on a day that suits their personal requirements.

By having more choices available, it also means that if individuals need more than one meeting it can be catered for. We are ultimately One Community supporting each other, and there are no days off in recovery.

We know expansion will take time and effort, but will come through natural growth.

In the meantime we are only able to operate in one location (see below), although we are still able to provide support to everyone who contacts us.

Sundays – Suspended until further notice due to Covid19 guidance
St. Mark’s Church, Victoria St, Wigan. WN5 9BN .

Our courses are run Jan-Mar, May-Jul & Sept-Nov with adhoc meetings and activities in between.
On-street parking is available and there is also a small car park at the far side of the park opposite and refreshments are available at each meeting.