Got Questions lets see if we can answer them

Q: Are the courses free?
A: Yes. There are no membership fees and all our courses are provided completely free of charge. Participants can voluntarily contribute towards the running costs if they choose but there is no obligation to do so.

Q: Do I have to become a Christian to attend CR?
A: No. Whilst the lessons do make reference to scripture we believe that learning to accept Gods help in overcoming our problems is important. However we leave the choice of ‘faith’ down to each individual and as such we embrace people of all faiths and people groups.

Q: Is Celebrate Recovery religious?
A: The Celebrate Recovery programme is built around the STEP principles which are based on scripture within the Bible. If we could solve our life problems on our own then we wouldn’t need recovery! So if theres any hope of a solution then its got to come from something more powerful than ourselves.
In simple terms God.
As the Steps are based on scripture we believe that the power we need is found within the teachings of Jesus (Son of God), and this is supported through numerous verses within scripture and that fact that millions of people find recovery through working the Steps. The fact is those with the strongest recoveries all have a faith. The thing is we aren’t God so why would we expect to be able to understand God fully. All we need is a little faith.

Q: What types of issues can benefit from recovery?
A: The list is endless and its not just about addiction. In fact only 1 in every 6 people attending CR is there because of addiction. Typical types of issues being dealt with are: Overeating, Perfectionism, Debt, Guilt, Divorce, Co-dependency, Pornography, Hypochondria, Lying, Overspending, Anger, Insecurity, Procrastination, Hurtful Relationships, Fear/Anxiety, Grief, Smoking, Control, Abuse, Family Dysfunction Bereavement and Addictions etc.

Q: Do I have to attend a course?
A: No but the best way to gain recovery is from taking part in a course and being with others who are also dealing with issues. Attending a course provides a greater understanding of each of the Steps and also provides the opportunity to talk openly with others and share how you are feeling.
Our courses are run 3 times a year and you can join at anytime there is no waiting list and the sooner you start the sooner you can change the things that are affecting you.

Q: Can I work through the Steps on my own?
A: The short answer is yes you can, but the truth is it doesn’t work.
To gain maximum benefit you need to work through the Steps with a Sponsor. A Sponsor is someone who has gone through the Steps themselves and who actively practices the recovery principles in their life. A Sponsor supports and challenges our thinking when working through each of the Steps to ensure that we gain the most out of them. When working through the Steps we also recommend the use of an ‘Accountability Partner”. This is someone of the same gender who is attending the course who can support you and ensure that you keep on track.

Q: Will I have to tell other people I attend CR?
A: No. Whilst there is no shame in attending a recovery group, we understand that some may be worried about what friends, family and others will think.
Obviously if you wish to tell others that you attend then that’s your choice, but we do actively protect the anonymity of everyone attending and why they attend.
Whilst our general group sessions include everyone, our Small Group discussions are restricted to same gender. Anything said in these groups is treated in the strictest of confidence.

Q: What else does CRWigan provide?
A: CRWIgan is more than just a recovery course because its based on a Recovery Community.
As a community we support each other through the good times and the bad, and come together for regular social events. We have a small team of individuals who organise various activities throughout the year, so that we meet and try new things that we may not normally get the chance to do..
In addition to this we provide several secure support platforms which enable participants to reach out for help at any time day or night. Participants are also supported on a one to one basis through the steps, and many of those that participate go on to take part and help run courses and sponsor others.

Q: Are those working within CRWigan safe?
A: Yes all Leaders and Helpers are DBS checked and verified.

Q: What meetings can I attend?
A: Currently we only operate in one location in Wigan but our vision is to have 7 CR Groups running in different locations across the Wigan Borough so that anyone can access a meeting at a time and location to suite them. As CR is a national and international organisation there is nothing to stop you attending other CR meetings when travelling.

Q: Who runs Celebrate Recovery Wigan?
A: CRWigan is not run by any one individual. The overall group is headed up by Lee & Karen who started CRWigan having found recovery from addiction through the application of the Steps. Day to day decision making is made through the ‘collective conscience’ of a Leadership team formed of individuals who have each gone through the recovery course and the Steps and who now take an active part in running the group. Each person brings to CRWigan their own experiences, strength, hopes and recovery story. As a team we work to improve the course material and services offered. All the CRW team are in recovery and we volunteer because we have benefited personally from the programme. Many of the individuals who complete the programme go on to help and or Lead, so we are continuously driving improvement and making CRWigan a friendly and welcoming environment in which to find new friends and solutions to our problems.

Q: I have more questions who can I ask?
A: You can contact us directly on the numbers and email, or you can message us via social media. We aim to respond to all questions and enquiries the same day. You can also drop into any of our meetings and one of the team will happily spend time with you talking about how the programme has changed their life for the better.